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Say hello to a perfect house and goodbye to old colors and dull designs

See the glory of a freshly painted house and our team of experts in renovations, any transformation is possible to us

We are specialists in painting and property management All types. All layouts High quality finishes and Professional job without surprises.

About Us

Since 2018, Glory Painting has been making its mark in the painting industry. Under the leadership of Marcos Carneiro, we specialize in exterior and interior painting, plastering, textures, cabinets, decks, and power washing.

We do property management, if you need a tile professional, carpenter, roofing, flooring, carpeting, house cleaner, landscape, stone work?

No problem i can help you and take care of your house if you are not living on CapeCod but needs somebody to take care of your summer house or your rented house. Our mission is to transform homes and make our customers' dreams come true.

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State of Art Services.

Your Trusted Choice for High-Quality Painting Services and Property Management on Cape Cod

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Fully Insured

Our workers are insured so don't need to worry about your house or business.

Painting Expertise

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about their craft.

Impeccable Quality

We only use the finest materials to ensure long-lasting results and a flawless appearance for your home.

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Our committed staff members are ready to help. You’re welcome to send a message or give us a call.

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MC21 - Scooter Elétrica

Roda de liga leve 10', freio a disco dianteiro e traseiro, banco duplo, setas de LED, botão start/stop e alarme com bloqueio e trava.

Com uma velocidade máxima de até 50km/h e uma autonomiza de 40km, a MC21 é um modelo para você que deseja economizar sem perder o conforto, potência e segurança.

Cores disponíveis

*Consultar disponibilidade



Até 40Km

Modelos: 2000W E 3000W

Velocidade Máx. 50KM/h

Aguenta até 200kg

Tempo / Recarga 6 Horas

MC20 - Scooter Elétrica

Alarme com bloqueio e trava, painel digital, botão start/stop, compartimento de bateria extra, carrega até 200kg, encosto do passageiro, Freio a disco, amortecedor a gás, carregador bivolt e Farol em led 3 níveis, resistente a água índice de proteção IP65.

Cores disponíveis

*Consultar disponibilidade



Até 80Km

*Adicionando bateria extra

Aguenta até 200kg

Tempo / Recarga Até 6 Horas